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Pairing intense, psychedelic visuals with skittery, high-octane beats and sample manipulations, Blnkng Objkts is a full-blown audio-visual experience.


With a background mostly rooted in indie rock and classical music, having cut his teeth with bands in Montreal’s underground scene, Blnkng Objkts distills all he’s learned into a lean, beautiful, and poignant act.


Blnkng Objkts relocated to New York City to study Creative Media and Technology, where the project really started to take shape. The vast, exploratory, and unpredictable nature of the city is heavily imbued in his music, and it’s also broadened the horizons of his craft, leading him to incorporate a more immersive and visual element into the project.


“Rather than simply trying to emulate other artists, I’ve taken time to consider what makes them tick, and how I can infuse their influence into my own workflow. I began pairing my visual art with the music, taking much consideration into how the songs would be experienced in a live setting, rather than just in our headphones.”


Since beginning the project, Blnkng Objkts has performed throughout New York City, and released his debut singles, “Choose” and "Can't Say". Next steps include the release of a handful of upcoming videos and singles, and dialing into what he does best - providing a thrilling and immersive live performance.

-Nicholas Laugher

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